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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Missing performance counters on x64 – Fix!

I’ve noticed on x64 versions of Windows that performance counter information gets corrupted for apparent reason.  I have seen it happen on a clean machine, right after installing custom performance counters using installutil and a custom .NET performance counter installer class. 

The symptoms are that if you start up perfmon you might get an error saying “MMC failed to initialize the snap-in”, or you might find that certain perf counters are missing (like ones in the Processor category).  In the past, I have resolved problems like this by running lodctr /R from the command line.  This instructs Windows to rebuild the performance counters using the backup perf database that it maintains. 

I had a case today where this approach didn’t work.  I went digging through the registry, and started searching for “Disable Performance Counters” in HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services using the Find dialog.  I found there were several entries with a hex value 4 or 1 listed.  I changed all the occurrences of that key to 0, and it fixed the problem!